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Biogas for industrial applications

A sustainable choice for industrial companies

Air Liquide Skagerak builds the infrastructure to make natural gas and biogas available for large or small industrial companies.

Different industrial uses for biogas

Biogas can replace fossil and raw materials in a variety of  industrial applications. Food waste and livestock manure are converted into biogas, a climate-friendly energy that can be used to heat buildings, or for drying processes, smelting, power production, steam production, incineration, waste management, and more.

Many synergies can be found between natural gas and biogas, thanks to energy-system integration and hybrid technologies. Natural gas plays an important role in bringing biogas to market.

Air Liquide Skagerak: a safe choice for clean energy

Our infrastructure for biogas production and distribution
Air Liquide Skagerak owns and operates six gas pipelines and associated infrastructure (two in Grenland, two in Sandefjord, Tønsberg and Drammen, covering a total of approximately 42 km). It also has several customer-specific facilities and a growing number of filling stations for compressed and liquefied gas adapted to buses and heavier vehicles.

An expanding biogas network
Our teams design and expand the gas distribution network, while also owning and operating the network and its associated facilities. This infrastructure is constantly developed for greater accessibility for your business.

A tailor-made approach
Air Liquide innovates to offer solutions that are efficient, reliable and sustainable. Depending on your needs, we can supply biogas through a distribution network, or as compressed or liquid gas in tanks at your plant directly.

Our biogas expertise

We rely on a global network of application experts, engineers and research and development teams dedicated to biogas production and distribution.

Our experts advise you how to optimize your business when using biogas for your specific industrial needs.

Our gas terminals

  • Sarpsborg 
  • Sandefjord 
  • Røra 
  • Søndeled 
  • Larvik 
  • Herøya 
  • Tønsberg 
  • Drammen/Lier 
  • Vestby
  • Gardermoen

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