Biogas in transport

CBG and LBG: sustainable transport fuel solutions

Air Liquide Skagerak runs a distribution network delivering 100% biogas to the Norwegian transport sector. We offer efficient, reliable and sustainable solutions that replace conventional fuel for cleaner, less noisy transport. Biogas is now available as a fuel for the transport sector and heavier vehicles, and can be used in conjunction with existing infrastructure.

Air Liquide Skagerak’s biogas distribution network

Air Liquide Skagerak’s unique position in Norway
Air Liquide Skagerak runs a distribution network delivering Compressed Biogas (CBG) and Liquified Biogas (LBG) to the Norwegian industrial and transport sectors. Air Liquide Skagerak sources biogas from local businesses specialized in organic waste recovery. Eight biogas stations (CBG/LBG) are operated in Østlandet, used for fueling trucks and buses.

A versatile fuel for different vehicle types
The filling stations operated by Air Liquide Skagerak enable corporate vehicle fleets, buses, and passenger cars to acquire fuel that is more environmentally friendly, produced from renewable energies.

Advantages of biogas for transport

Biogas is available for a variety of vehicles: HDV, LDV and buses
Supplied as compressed gas (CBG) or liquid gas (LBG), biogas covers the vast majority of transport needs. Infrastructure and gas stations for biogas are well developed. With several trucks and other heavier gas-powered vehicles available on the market, transport companies can choose climate-smart alternatives. Biogas is also competitive in price with conventional fuels.

A sustainable solution for clean and quiet transport
Biogas is considered as a renewable energy with an almost neutral carbon footprint. Produced locally, it can contribute to a more local and circular economy.

Air Liquide Skagerak’s expertise

A world leader in the supply of biogas purification technologies, Air Liquide’s technologies and expertise span the entire biogas value chain: purification of biogas, injection into the natural gas network, liquefaction, and distribution for clean transportation fleets.

Our experts advise you how to optimize your business when choosing a biogas vehicle fleet, infrastructure or economy. Air Liquide Skagerak continuously designs and expands infrastructure for biogas to give you the best possible accessibility.

Find a station for HDV, LDV or buses


Svinesundparken - Opened January 2020
Address: Svinesundparken, 1788 Halden
Address: Borgeveien, 3160 Stokke


Svinesundparken - Opened January 2020
Address: Svinesundparken, 1788 Halden
Address: Borgeveien, 3160 Stokke
Address: Langgrunnveien 23, 3186 Horten
Address: Kilengaten 24, 3117 Tønsberg
Address: Bjørntvedtveien 150, 3740 Skien
Filling Station at Rygg:

This filling station is situated near The Magic Factory (Grenland Vestfold Biogass AS).

Location: Rygg gjenvinningsstasjon  
Address: Taranrødveien 95, 3171 Sem

Public station
Opening hours:  mon: 10-18, tue-fri: 10-17, sat: 09-14, sun: closed 
Payment: Air Liquide Skagerak customer card or Visa/Eurocard

Skagerak Naturgass has filling stations for buses in Vestfold and Grenland.

Tønsberg (Unibuss):
Location: Bussoppstillingsplassen Tønsberg  
Address: Måkeveien
Not commercial
Filling Station Rabben (Nettbuss):
Location: Bussoppstillingsplassen Rabben  
Address: Rabbenkroken 19, 3740 Skien
Not commercial
Filling Station Moss (Nettbuss)
Locationd: Solgaard Skog
Address: Solgaard Skog 11, Moss


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