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Biogas in maritime transport

Cleaner fuels for boats and ferries

As one of the biggest sources of global warming, maritime transport needs to adopt more environmentally friendly fuel alternatives. Traditionally used for road freight transport, biogas is also a reliable solution for maritime transport.

Setting course for a cleaner maritime industry

The shipping industry is a huge consumer of fossil fuels and needs to transition to alternative and renewable fuels. Liquified biogas represents an opportunity for the shipping industry to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. A vessel operated with biogas reduces CO2 emissions by up to 90% compared to a conventional petrol-fueled vessel.

Liquefied biogas (LBG), also called bio-LNG or liquefied biomethane, is today used mainly in heavy transport, especially ships. As it grows in importance, so does its potential for use in maritime shipping and transport. Several countries have developed plans to create LBG infrastructure (ports, fuel stations, vehicles, etc).

Benefits of biogas for the maritime sector

A readily available solution

Transitioning from natural gas to biomethane is easy. Biogas can be used in any engine typically running on natural gas. Many engines available on the market already run on natural gas and could switch to a more renewable fuel.

Better burning characteristics

Biogas has even better burning characteristics than natural gas. While biogas consists of only one inflammable component (methane), natural gas also contains amounts of ethane, propane, butane and even hydrogen. These other chemicals burn under different conditions (temperature, pressure), which makes it harder to burn the fuel efficiently.

Air Liquide Skagerak’s strong distribution network

The shipping industry needs to convert to more environmentally friendly fuels in coming years. Biogas is emerging as one of the most interesting alternatives in this market.

Air Liquide has developed technologies and expertise across the biogas value chain, from biogas supply and purification for biomethane production, to end-usage by the client. Thanks to our strong delivery network, we can deliver biogas to ferries and boats.

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