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Emergency number for Air Liquide Skagerak: +47 476 72 395

LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) or natural gas as it is called, has the hazard class "Extremely flammable" and mainly consists of methane gas (91%) and ethane gas (8%). The last percent is propane and butane.

The gas is odorless in the plant itself, but an odorant is added to the gas that is distributed to customers, so that it should be possible to detect a possible leak.

The gas is:

  • Not toxic, but in closed rooms it will displace air.
  • Lighter than air and a leak will therefore rise.
  • Flammable in a mixture ratio of 5-15% in air.

In the event of a gas leak or fire inside one of our tank and evaporator installations, detectors will signal and automatically shut off the gas from the tank. Right next to the facility is a control room container, and lights on the roof of the container will flash at the same time as a siren will sound. Alarm is simultaneously sent to Air Liquide Skagerak's guard.

In the event of an incident, the emergency services must be notified immediately.

Air Liquide Skagerak's emergency service will also be deployed, but the emergency services will lead the fight on the spot

Information about the incident will be available on the emergency services' websites.

As previously mentioned, natural gas is not toxic, but in the event of a gas leak, it is important to remove possible sources of ignition, so that the gas does not ignite. The gas is lighter than air and rises in the direction the wind blows.

Persons in the area must accidentally move (walk) away from the facility, and follow information from the accident site manager.

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